Free Whmcs 6.3.1 Download

whmcs download

WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses. Handling everything from signup to termination, WHMCS is a powerful automation & support tool.

If you are a reseller and are looking for a one-stop hosting solution for things such as handling Billing and Support ticket requests, WHMCS is an incredible solution.
It is compatible with the major payment gateways such as PayPal, Google Checkout, and Authorize.Net, and includes many features such as the ability to use various currencies, create invoices, and create promotions.
You can access a Live Demo of WHMCS here. You can also access the official WHMCS How-to guides here.
We will now show you how to accomplish the most common tasks in WHMCS.

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[1.8] iGame MyBB Theme

game mybb theme

A dark semi transparent white and black gaming skin.
Comes with 10 blurred effect backgrounds

Drop downs galore
Custom footer, showthread, profiles, forum display
Text based logo
Google fonts
Font awesome ready

Pack of 10 blurred background images

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Minecraft Technic Launcher Cracked

minectaft technic launcher

1- Download file into your computer
2- Enter any nickname and password and login .
3- Chose your mod pack
4- Have fun!

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Teamspeak 3 Web Interface [Web Panel]


1.) Add the Ip from your webserver into the query_ip_whitelist.txt on the “TS3 Server” folder!
2.) Unzip all files on a Webserver!
3.) Edit the config.php with the correct data!
4.) Set the folder icons, temp, templates_c, site/backups and all subfolders from backups chmod 777
5.) Open the index.php with your Browser!
6.) Login with the Query Login Account Data!

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Teamspeak Dns [ TS3DNS ] Script

1. Normal DNS
1.) Upload the content to your Server
2.) Edit the config.php

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2. Membership DNS

1.) Upload the content to your Server
2.) give the folder Databases and includes CHMOD 0777
3.) use the index.php and push “Create NOW” to get a Hosting folder.
4.) now push the SETUP GO button if you have all data together.
5.) use “all files” of the “new folder” on your server as “main files” and replaced this.

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